"Petey McGreet" Soft Cover Book

Bucko Books

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Petey McGreet had the stinkiest feet...and no one wanted to play with him.
Will Petey ever find a friend?

  • 8 x 10 rhyming picture book
  • softcover 


Picture it.  A sarcastic, over-caffeinated, over-tired and yet still extremely attractive mom starts reciting a funny story to her super adorable yet super moody toddler to make said toddler laugh (and hopefully stop staying “NO!” for one measly second).

Years go by and the stunningly attractive and extremely witty mom keeps that story in the notes of her iPhone until one day she decides that she cannot go through life just being gorgeous and hilarious, she needs to share ALL of her astounding gifts with the world.

And so, long and 100% accurate* story short, Bucko (a childhood nickname) Books was born.

In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy this little endeavor as much as that toddler enjoyed yelling “No!

Let’s get coffee.

* Some details may be exaggerated

Tracy Schabl
Creator of Things - Drinker of Coffee - Eater of Cheesecake


(photo courtesy of One For The Wall)